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Disposable Film Festival

Disposable Film Festival

The Disposable Film Festival is an annual juried international festival of short films made using casual, lo-fi video capture devices like cell phones, point and shoot cameras, webcams, and inexpensive handycams. We worked with Carlton Evans, co-director of the festival, to create an identity that could be retrofitted and reused for years to come.

We made a custom typographic system of letterforms in various states of collapse and used them as the primary graphic elements in the identity system. Film stills from each year are uniquely treated correlating to the festival year, giving the system room to be expressive and unique year after year.



Disposable Film Festival

Selman Design
Creative Director: Johnny Selman
Designers: Katie King Rumford, Albert Chang
Animators: Anne di Lillo, Calvin Waterman
Photography: John Paul Chirdon
Producers: Mike Scandiffio, Christopher Schroeder