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The Yellow Table Cookbook

Cookbook cover and interior book design for the Yellow Table.

The Yellow Table Cookbook

The message of the Yellow Table Cookbook falls in line with one of my heart's greatest desires, that of community around the table through food, conversation and good wine. 

Anna Watson Carl and I were serendipitously connected via Instagram while she was in New York and I was living in India. After a few Skype interviews we agreed that this was a design match made in heaven. It was a joy and pleasure to get to be a part of this self-published project!

The cover and interior were specifically designed to highlight the simplicity of the recipe and the ingredients. Included in the book are illustrations for the courses and the appropriate wine pairings. It was such a blessing to get to work with an insanely talented crew of people on this project. 

The Yellow Table Cookbook is a delicious collection of seasonal recipes just right for feeding the people you love around your table. It is available for purchase here



The Yellow Table

Creative Team
Author: Anna Watson Carl
Logo Design: Dana Tanamachi
Book & Cover Designer: Katie King Rumford
Photography: Signe Birck (food), Eric Ryan Anderson (lifestyle)